domingo, 10 de outubro de 2010

I shall believe

I keep searching for it, you know? That place where everything is safe and good, the one where you won't cry because you only feel joy. Then suddenly it hits me.. it keeps getting further away, sometimes I can't even feel it's there and sure as hell I can't touch it. 
Then, is this the process of growing up? Will this only get harder and harder? 'Cause I'm done already, I'm done with pain and disappointment.. So why can't it stop right now right here? Why are the holes in my heart getting bigger instead of smaller?
I'm still waiting for this magic place, as fairytales do happen. Hopefully, one of the few is mine.

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  1. Calma rapariga. de certeza que também tens um lado positivo, agarra-te a isso!
    gostei do blog *