segunda-feira, 1 de novembro de 2010

We all fall down

- Crisis intervention hotline. How can I help you?
- Yeah. Um.. I'm not sure if I should be calling. I'm having a hard time, and I just needed someone to talk to.
- Okay. What's your name?
- Do I have to give my name?
- No.
- I'd rather not.
- Well, why don't you tell me what's wrong?
- Well, this is why I'm not sure if this is where I should be calling. Because it's.. it's sort of everything and it's nothing. I mean, when I think of my life and who I am... I guess I'm just struggling to believe in it all, you know? That good things will happen to good people, that things will work out, that it gets better. Are you still there?
- Yes.
- Maybe this was a mistake.
- No, it wasn't. This is exactly where you should be calling. Tell me what you're afraid of and what makes you feel like this.
- Failure, I guess.
- We all struggle. It's part of live, it's part of living. Do you have anybody that can help you while you struggle?
- No, and that's the worst part.. the loneliness. A crushing black loneliness that makes me feel like there's no magic left in the world.
- I know the future is scary. I know the world can be threatening. But you should know that sometimes when things seem the most desperate people find you. Help is out there and you are not alone.

One Tree Hill, 8x04 "We all fall down"

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